by robin gayle howard

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At the beginning of November, I encouraged my co-workers to participate in a 30 Days of Thanks Challenge.  Those who have taken up the challenge are writing a daily thanks and posting it on the walls in our offices.  Finding at least one thing each day to be thankful for can renew your strength and eliminate the ever present, oppressing negatives that we are bombarded with at every turn.  These colorful little tokens of thanksgiving are going up all over and bringing rays of sunshine into our rainy days.  I need to take photos at the end of the month and update this post with them.  They are beautiful.  It is so inspiring to walk around and read the thanks being lifted up from all of those that I spend so much time with each day.

I have so much to be thankful for, including the past month that has been a bit surreal for me.  I entered an illustration contest for our local SCBWI chapter’s Spring Spirit conference for  the logo to be used on all the promotional materials.  I have never ever entered an art contest of any kind.  But I did.  That is because I have really been working on listening.  Listening for the direction that my Creator wants me to go.  The old me was not an artist.  My Creator said I was.  He made me that way.  So, I am.  I am an artist.  I have been working on developing the gifts that have so lavishly been given to me.  It’s about time and it is never too late.  I am truly enjoying the ride and guess what?  I won the logo contest!!!  I cannot yet reveal the final artwork until it has been published, so hold on until December 7th.  And that is only one part of the perks for winning.  I will be receiving a portfolio review from the amazing Laurent Linn of  Simon & Schuster.  I know I will be so nervous because he is such a talented artist.  It is going to be an amazing experience!  I will definitely be extremely busy making many rainbows between now and April 6.  Check out my sketchbook for the things I will be working on.  And as always . . .

. . .  I am so thankful!