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Hey all! No, I have not fallen off of the face of the earth. I have really been busy focusing on my artwork and getting my Etsy shop rolling, and here it is

Please visit my shop and like my Facebook page for updates. Here are some of the things I have been working on.



See you soon!


And one more completed to add to the portfolio. I am being a bit adventurous by including a mixed media piece. This is my favorite way to work, so I thought I’d just go for it!


Here’s another version of the “Big Red” character for my portfolio. Big Red

Check out my ILLUSTRATIONS page for the first view. I really need to finish writing this fun little twist on a fairy tale classic story.  Hmm.  Where to fit that on my schedule?

One more sketch to go and a full spread (two pages) to paint to finish my portfolio by April 5th.  The next sketch is going to be a bit more tricky.  I guess it would be a good idea to come up with a PLAN B just in case I don’t like the results.  Stay tuned to see how things turn out!

I can’t believe that February is past half over already.  Time flies!  With crazy busy work days, a two year old grand-daughter and another on the way,my other son’s wedding plans for next year and working to improve my art skills with various classes (a big thank you to Tam Laporte and LIFEBOOK 2014 and Jane Davenport’s Express Yourself), I haven’t been very faithful in updating my blog.  So here goes.


This week is a stay-cation week for me with a focus on updating my portfolio for another review at our local SCBWI event in early April.  I’ve been experimenting with new supplies and having way too much fun . . . but, sad to say, new art supplies are very addictive 😉 and one can never ever have enough shades of every color in all type of supplies to make endless rainbows, she says!

Yet, I really have accomplished a lot this week, even with all of my play.  And it is only Wednesday – YAHOO!!  I have one more sketch to finish, then two to paint.  I reworked some of my previous boring pieces and added a few new ones that are much more fun.  I have learned a great deal over the past year, but still have so much more to learn.  Check out my ILLUSTRATION page that includes my newest work.  Hope you all have a blessed week!

P.S.  If you’d like to know which art supplies are absolutely the most addictive and can’t wait to have way too much fun playing with them, check out the above mentioned on-line classes.  Art is the only addiction I know where you end up feeling better than before you started.

coral elephantThese cuties are not quite finished yet, but they have been fun!pink elephant

I just finished putting together my new fully adjustable drafting table. I saw it last weekend at Aaron Bros., started searching on the web, and was able to save $23 on it. 20130817-213524.jpgI am not totally crazy about the hot pink, but that was cheaper than all the other colors. I am sure it will grow on me.  As soon as I clean out my studio so I can get this puppy in there, I will be ready to roll!



Hey all – I just started a new blog, Inspired to Renew, where I will focus my inspirational discussions.  That will leave Making Rainbow’s focus on the journey through growing and developing in the world of writing and illustrating children’s books.  If you’d like, come join me at Inspired to Renew and see what awaits you there!



How can I sum up what I experienced this past Friday evening and all day Saturday? It was amazing!  I spent this time with a group of talented, dedicated writers who came together to learn more about how to inspire and help others through the written word. And that is exactly what happened.  The Inspire Christian Writers 2013 Write To Inspire Conference lived up to its promises.  (And a huge THANK YOU to Beth Thompson and her team for their work to put this all together)  The speakers, Debbie Alsdorf and John Olson, poured their hearts and passion into all who attended.  Their encouragement brought a great deal of affirmation.  “Become an archaeologist and dig out who you really are.”  When John spoke those words, he spoke about my journey.  The past two and a half years I have been excavating to uncover who God created me to be.  Debbie encouraged us to pay attention to our thoughts and ask, “God, is that you?”  The past year and a half I have been focusing on listening.  That, in and of itself, has been an amazing journey.  There were so many more pearls shared that I need to take a few days to review, ponder, and let it all sink in.  What I took away from this conference was the need to keep pushing forward.  I have been on the right path, and just need to continue persevering.  Learning, growing, and honing my craft.  We were reminded that God is always working behind the scenes.  I can totally attest to that given the events in my life over the past year.  Every day brings a new present and a new challenge.  I am being so stretched, and enjoying every minute of it.  There is so much more to that story and I will bring it to you as it unfolds.  The gravy for the weekend was that I won first place in the children’s book contest.  WooHoo!  I received a very nice prize as well as a critique from Christine Tangvald, author of a bazillion children’s books ( actually more than eighty-five children’s books with almost 3 million in print!!).

So, its back to work on the many stories that have been floating around in my head and just beginning to grow in black and white.

So who are you?  What moves you?  What are you living for?  Walk with me as we all learn to find the answers to these questions.  Have a blessed week!

“And, where are you from?” is the catch-all question no matter what type of event you attend, be it professional or casual. Well, I’m originally from Chicago. But I’m also from molest, abuse, alcoholism, abandonment . . . insert whatever trauma you may have experienced. I have come a long way from FROM and I am oh so thankful that FROM is far behind. Some days, FROM sneaks up on me and whispers ugliness in my ear. FROM can be taunting, tempting, and degrading. Sometimes I can ignore it. This morning FROM was standing right in front of me, baring its ugly teeth. I took a deep breath, looked it square in the eyes and said, “FROM, you don’t belong in front of me. You belong far behind. I’m a child of the King who died and rose again for me, and I am a new creation.” I shook my head, almost in sympathy. “FROM, you don’t have power anymore. You can go away now. Go back where you belong.” FROM is now, again, far behind. It may be back, but I think I just knocked it’s teeth out!

Happy Resurrection Day!

sun bear


Just need to say that I finally entered the current century with a new Dell all-in-one touchscreen computer that is to lickety-split-quick that I am totally amazed.  No more sitting around waiting for web pages to load.  I can’t wait to get photoshop loaded to see how quick that is.  Thank you, Honey!!