“And, where are you from?” is the catch-all question no matter what type of event you attend, be it professional or casual. Well, I’m originally from Chicago. But I’m also from molest, abuse, alcoholism, abandonment . . . insert whatever trauma you may have experienced. I have come a long way from FROM and I am oh so thankful that FROM is far behind. Some days, FROM sneaks up on me and whispers ugliness in my ear. FROM can be taunting, tempting, and degrading. Sometimes I can ignore it. This morning FROM was standing right in front of me, baring its ugly teeth. I took a deep breath, looked it square in the eyes and said, “FROM, you don’t belong in front of me. You belong far behind. I’m a child of the King who died and rose again for me, and I am a new creation.” I shook my head, almost in sympathy. “FROM, you don’t have power anymore. You can go away now. Go back where you belong.” FROM is now, again, far behind. It may be back, but I think I just knocked it’s teeth out!

Happy Resurrection Day!

sun bear