Occasionally I write morning pages (Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way) as part of my quiet time.  I usually write them when I wake up at oh-dark-thirty because I have MUCH more time to write.  The other day I just started to jot down a series of words . . . direction-guidance-focus-path-steps-choices-mistakes-misreads-errors-bloopers and blunders.  Then I started to write using these words in the appointed order.  Here is the result:

I’m not sure the direction my brain is taking this morning.  Here’s another adventure that I need guidance on so that I can focus on what needs to be accomplished and keep my eye on the path.  As I walk down my path day-in and day-out, I find that each step has hundreds of choices to evaluate.  3 birdsTurn right, turn left, go lighter, go darker, make it smaller, make it bigger–the wrong choice will lead to an obvious mistake.  A mistake can lead the observer’s eyes in the wrong direction, causing a misread and a misinterpretation of the entire point.  What may originally appear as a small error in choice of placement, or lighting, or color can lead to an extreme blooper that affects the entire composition.  I feel like I don’t have a clue to what I am doing in composition and that I am just blundering through to put something together.  I desire to be much more thoughtful in the process. 

I would like to work from a plan or a distinct vision to be able to create something that is much more aesthetically pleasing.  I am learning.  I know that I will make mistakes, but like Thomas Edison said, the 999 mistakes are ways you’ve learned how to not achieve your goal – or something like that (talk about creative license ;op – the actual quote is “I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”)  Every practice piece is leading me to something better, something more dynamic, something that I will be pleased with and will make me smile.  My hope is to bring a smile to the face of another.  That’s when I know I have accomplished my goal.  That seems like a very minute goal, but that’s a good place to start.  The lofty goals will come when each smile is achieved along the way.  And it all begins and ends with direction.  Guidance from my Creator.  I seek to retain the proper focus so that my eyes are ever on the correct path, that each step is carefully placed, and that my choices are made looking for the result of advancement of His kingdom.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a fabulous weekend!