The long awaited day finally arrived. Yesterday I spent several hours with the fabulous and talented Mira Reisberg, “The Picture Book Whisperer,” in a review of  my portfolio in preparation for the Northern/Central California Spring Spirit Conference on April 6 (check out the link which just happens to have my logo as the masthead-grin).

Bee oh honeyMira went through each piece, showed me where improvements could be made, helped me learn more photoshop tools to make the revision task much easier, and checked through my sketchbook for pieces with possibility to add.  She also gave me advice on the order of my work and how to enhance the look of the portfolio.  Then she designed two business cards for me.  She really achieved a tremendous amount of work in three hours.  Thank you thank you thank you, Mira!  I will be ready for April 6.

So you’d like amp up your portfolio, but you don’t live in the Sacramento area?  No problemo!  Mira will work with you over Skype. Check the link on her name above.  Yay! 

I have been in many different classes and an on-line course with Mira and would highly recommend her courses to anyone who is willing to be challenged to grow.

I’m so glad I took the week off of work.  Revisions, here I come!