by robin gayle howard

Monthly Archives: December 2012

Barn DanceI know I am moving forward because I am getting things done.  But just getting something done to cross it off of your list, my list, is not the objective.  My objective is to complete a piece that is the best I can do.  This is not it.  There are many things about this piece that I just love.  The cow and the duck are my favorites.  The barn wall does look kinda cool.  But the rest, hmm.  The rabbits are not having any fun at all.  The stage is way too bright.  The pig is too dark.  Time for a redo.  I think with my target to complete two pieces a month so I have a completed portfolio by April is pushing me to not take my time and look at the piece as a whole, to make the best choices, to do my best.  But I am moving forward.  One piece is complete and I am happy with it.  So on to making more rainbows.

Bird1And, just to include one more art  journal page.  Just fun.  No limits.  No expectations.  Just me.  Have a fantabulous week!