I have been on a new adventure in listening over the past two weeks and I am more than amazed.  In seeking how to obtain inspiration from the Master Creator in my own creativity,  I came across several books that would aid me in this journey. 

Reading “Finding Divine Inspiration – Working with the Holy Spirit in your Creativity” by J. Scott McElroy, I found the needed tools to enable this adventure to begin.  And what an adventure in this first week! 

Here is a portion of my journal entry that reflects this amazing experience and sorry that it is a bit lengthy, but it all needs to be included:

“Monday, in my listening, one of the messages I felt that came from God was ‘heal the broken hearted–you will know how when the time comes.’  Well, that just seemed unusual for me as I am a therapist and trained to listen to people and help them in healing their heart.  Of course I would know what to do.  But God had a specific person in mind and a specific message to deliver.  And it had nothing to do with my training, and nothing to do with my own understanding of things.  Tuesday morning, my son’s cab driver pulls up a few minutes late and apologizes for crying.  She just received a call from a friend who had a nice dream about her son who was murdered last July!!!  She went on to say how Easter was so hard because it was the first Easter without him.  At that point, I did not remember what God told me to do just the day before.  So, I went into discussing, briefly, how grief is a difficult process and different for every person and it just takes what it takes to get through it.  A short time after she left, I was in the shower thinking about the morning and then it dawned on me.  I finally connected the dots.  God cares about her and it is my job to let her know that.  He cares so much for her that He told me on Monday, had her friend dream Monday night, had her friend call her on the way to my house to tell her about the dream, then had her share that difficult part of her life with me.  Too much coincidence to be coincidental!  I told my husband about this, then purposed in my heart to reach out to her that evening to plan a time together so that I would be able to share this with her. ”

We did meet Friday night!  She was overwhelmed with God’s love for her and said that she really needed to hear this message at this time.   

It is so important to listen and then obey.  What a blessing this experience was!  Even though I had been seeking direction in my artistic endeavors, it was first important for me to see what God was doing around me, hear how He wanted me to help in that task, then to do what He wanted me to do.  I had no idea how she would respond, but that was not my job to worry about that.  God was in control.

Not every day has an experience like this, but each day now begins with the anticipation of listening.