by robin gayle howard

Monthly Archives: March 2012

Whoa!!! It is high time that I get back on the stick.  I have been busy making rainbows of all kinds, but have not been documenting it at all.  Bad Robin!

So let’s see if I can recap. 

  • I have written three picture book drafts in 12 x 12 in 2012 challenge.  Two have good potential.  We shall see.
  • I have found a color palette that I absolutely love and have been experimenting with that.  See how yummy it is.
  • I have been in a monthly art therapy group that has been exploring new media. 
  • I purchased a Wacom Bamboo Create digital tablet to use for my illustrations. 
  • I’ve been watching scads of tutorials in order to learn how to use the new paperweight. 
  • I was part of a team that wrote a grant for a parenting program (first I have ever written . . . we will see if the desired outcome arrives.)

I think I am tired from just remembering everything that I’ve worked on. 

  • Oh yes, I made some melted crayon art and some monster feeling faces from what I found on Pinterest and am ready to make some kitty, dog, and bunny feeling faces too!

Yes, the biz-eee is here as always.  I guess biz-eee is as biz-eee does ;o)