Every day a challenge is set before me.  Some days are more challenging than the next, especially when the day starts with the eyes refusing to allow the first morning rays to be reflected upon the retinas.   The greatest challenge, however, is how to best use the time I cross paths with, without letting it just run through my fingers.

With this challenge before me each day, what is the most successful way to filter the best choices for the use of my time?  Well, during the work day that answer is pretty easy–attend to the necessities and the situations at hand.  Do all of the must do’s and have to’s.  Communicate, clarify, simplify, and do what is best and right.  Easy?  Not always.  Especially at those junctures when I am not in control of the time.  At those moments my thoughts must turn to making the most of every opportunity.

Once I arrive at home, it is so much a different story.  There are many choices of what to do with the very small amount of time I have left until the cycle begins for the next day.  I have really developed a distain for time-wasters, stupid television (as opposed to educational programs), games (unless shared with another in developing relationships), shopping (without purpose) . . . whoa!!  Sounds like I belong in the 19th century or in a cave!  How do I choose what is best to do for the rest of the day?  Not just what is “good” to do, but what is “best.”

Thus far I have kind of set a schedule of what could be accomplished each evening, i.e. spending time with hubby & kiddo; domestic chores, researching and writing, drawing and painting, etc. with hopefully no more than seven categories.  I really need more days in the week or more hours in the day.  Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep in anymore.  I thought it was just those blasted hormones! 

So, what will help me make the correct choices for what is best to do?  Through writing this I’ve come to realize that I really need to rework my personal mission statement.  Yes, the glories of the writing process.  It has probably been over 15 years since I wrote my last mission statement.  My life has changed sooooo much since then and I am way overdue.  Anyone else have a mission statement that they’d care to share?  I’d love to hear from you.  And if you’ve never ventured into the land of mission possible, let me know.  I have a challenge for you!