Today I felt pulled in many directions . . . finishing the afghan for my husband, watching the Broncos game, working on my draft 1 of 12 for the 12 x 12 challenge, and working on refining my color samples in order to submit my first book by the end of January.  Prioritizing the aforementioned tasks led me to one conclusion . . . I need FOCUS.  I did work most of the day yesterday on my color samples, leading me in a new direction for applying the color.  I did jot down notes on Friday for my first 12 x 12 draft.  I could always listen to the Broncos game while I was working on whatever.  So what is the best strategy?

What can be finished most quickly?  I sat at the computer, typed in my jottings from Friday, made a few revisions, and draft #1 is well on its way.  That was easy!

Next, what is the most important?  On to the color samples.  Not so easy.  I have been struggling beyond belief with the colors on my characters, so I decided to try a different technique.  I am using acrylics and I know that you can always repaint something you do not like, but I didn’t like my first tries very much at all.  Instead of using a gradient wash of the color from pale to dark, I decided to do a complete undercoat of the lightest grade of color and then dry brush on darker layers.  I do like the result and think that is the technique I will use.  I finally finished one character today . . . let me know what you think!

By the way, I did complete a few more rows on my husband’s afghan, and the Broncos with Tebow are the bomb even though I am a dyed-in-the-wool Bears fan.  And I did get to see the final overtime play.  Hey!  That was the only one that really counted ;o)