Consistency is something I strive for . . . I work hard to be even tempered no matter how I feel or what I am dealing with.  I know I don’t have a perfect batting average, but I do desire to be consistent.  Maybe threats of being sent to a deserted island if menopausal rantings begin have steered me in the right direction.

Before venturing into the land of kidlit, I had no idea how important consistency is in writing and illustrating.  Thankfully that lesson has been emphasized to me several times over the past year and I am working on applying that.  I spent part of my day today looking at this rough sketch of Maddy (my main character in the book I am working on) in order to make sure that all of my renderings of her are true to her original form.  That is not easy, especially when she is not always in this same pose.  I am not a trained artist but I am learning.  I really love the learning process and I really should buy stock in erasers!
Happy New Year to you all!  May you walk in the path of health and freedom!